About old

How did my journey began ?

     After graduating, I started studying Visual Communication and it was around that time that I also began to create my first pieces of jewelry as a hobby. I decided to change my aim and began to learn jewelry design and kept going from there since then.

In 2018 I have launched online courses to teach jewelry making as a way of giving back what life once gifted me : the possibility to share what I had learnt (the classes are only available in French at the moment).


What « handcrafted » means to me.

     When I create my jewelry I always try to keep in mind those two words : singularity and simplicity. My aim in to create timeless pieces by combining my savoir-faire with my personal environmental convictions. This is the reason why I favour a rather eco-responsible approach when it come to the manufacturing process, most especially by using as much as possible recycled materials as well as non-toxic products.


5% of annual profits are donated to the Animals Asia Foundation.